Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, mother of two, is a DTI trained birth & post-partum doula, and placenta processor serving Marin County and nearby areas.  


Although I have always been fascinated with pregnancy and childbirth my passion really blossomed when I became pregnant with my first child.  I could not satisfy my craving to learn more about my body, baby and options.  I gave birth to my son at home and soon after formed Alternative Mothers Group where I have surrounded myself with an almost constant conversation of birth and mothering.  My dream come true.

The birth of your baby is an intimate experience.  It will be the most emotionally and physically intense moment of your life, forever etched in your mind.  If you are craving something more from your birth, you have the power to make this happen and I can guide and support you in finding this path. 

Please contact me to set up an interview and discuss rates.
I partner with Julia Winn, certified through DONA International.

If you are looking for a Childbirth Education Class
I recommend Tara Brooke of Power of Birth .
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